Why choose Umbrella Company Services in Turkey ? Advantages of JK Consulting

JK Consulting Umbrella Company Turkey offers many advantages, both for individuals and for client companies.

Benefits of Umbrella Company in Turkey for employees

  • Benefit from the status of employee: thanks to the Payroll, the employees benefit from the classic advantages of the employees (social security, providence, retirement, unemployment insurance, mutual insurance company…) while managing their activity themselves. They build and retain their customers and manage their schedules and activities.


  • Exercise your activity in complete freedom: JK Consulting Umbrella Company in Turkey allows those who are worn not to waste time on all administrative, accounting or tax tasks. They thus have the possibility of devoting themselves exclusively to the development of their clientele and their activity.


  • Invoicing clients independently: JK Consulting allows litters to benefit from an administrative and legal framework. They therefore do not need to create a legal structure themselves, and have the possibility of invoicing their services independently.


  • Integrate the dynamics of a network of experts: JK Consulting Umbrella Company in Turkey allow the employees to benefit from a network of independent consultants to multiply their mission potential.


  • Test a business creation project: JK Consulting allows future business creators to test their project, their market, as well as their ability to attract and maintain a clientele before launching.

The promoters of Payroll in Turkey as JK Consulting specialized in Umbrella Turkey argue that:


  • developing your activity as a consultant or salaried service provider in an Umbrella company based in Turkey allows you to focus on your commercial development and access ad hoc support while freeing yourself from administrative management;


  • have real employee status with the accident at work guarantee, sickness and maternity benefits, unemployment benefits;


  • benefit from excellent professional liability coverage;


  • find a network of independent consultants to multiply their mission potential


The main motivations for Umbrella Company in Turkey are in order:


  1. sustainably develop a consultancy, service or commercial activity, while retaining its autonomy, but benefiting from an organized service and a network;


  1. test a new activity before settling down on your own;


  1. get out of unemployment and find a professional activity;


  1. Preserve his social benefits: the consultant who decides to take up Payroll retains all of his advantages as if he were an employee. That is to say that he will continue to benefit from advantages such as social security, unemployment insurance, providence, retirement, supplementary retirement, optional mutual insurance, company savings plan.


  1. do not work alone, develop offers to take calls for tenders that exceed his skills


Payroll definition and example of cost calculation


The cost structure of Payroll is as follows:


Calculation method


Turnover (excluding taxes)

– Management fees and margin of the carrier company

= Turnover to be transferred

– Management of professional expenses (often limited to one%)

= Turnover brought into salary

– Employer contributions

– Employee contributions

= Net salary paid

From the point of view of VAT, the employee asks to Umbrella company invoice his fees, the value of which he has negotiated without tax with his client. The carrier adds VAT, which the customer can generally recover.


Critics of Umbrella Company in Turkey are based on the fact that:

it promotes more precarious work relationships than traditional wage earners;


  1. some Unemployment benefits in agencies in Turkey are not yet aware of the new law and it still happens that they refuse to compensate accordingly all the hours worked – and paid – as an employee of a Payroll, when this is dismissed, therefore at the exit of the Umbrella company.


  1. it is expensive in terms of expenses and management. The question arises of creating a company or practicing in liberal to lighten the bill. For administrative hassles, you can outsource to an accountant. And for the « guarantees » of salaried workers, they exist but given their cost, you have to wonder about the quality / price ratio and think about whether this money would not be better invested in the development of your activity. Because the best guarantee is still to make a good turnover!


  1. Finally, this system would maintain an illusion of security linked to the « status » of an employee when the reality is that you can only count on yourself and your entrepreneurial skills to succeed. Being an expert in your field will not be enough to develop your business on your own.

General benefits of JK Consulting Umbrella Company in Turkey

Respond to a specific need for skills expertise: Payroll in Turkey allows client companies to find skills that they do not have internally, to meet the needs of the moment, by bringing in an independent professional, without having to resort to recruitment.

Breaking free from the constraints linked to salaries: thanks to JK Consulting (specialized in Umbrella Company Turkey), client companies do not have to face the constraints linked to the hiring of an employee. The relationships between the client company and the person covered are those of client to provider. The client company therefore only pays the fees invoiced to it and has no social, tax or contribution obligation.

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