The structure aims to help Turkey treat its wounded after the earthquake which killed more than 30,000 people in the country and in Syria.

The field hospital promised by Paris to Turkey, heavily hit like Syria by an earthquake almost a week ago which killed at least 30,000 people, left France this Sunday, February 12 in the morning, announced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The crisis and support center (CDCS) indicated in a tweet “the departure this morning from the Civil Security field hospital transported by a cargo plane” from the CMA CGM freight transport group. A CMA CGM spokesperson specializing in maritime transport and air freight told AFP that the plane had left France at 9 a.m.

Concretely, this field hospital is a structure of nearly 2,000 m2. It has a delivery block, two operating blocks, a laboratory, a pharmacy, a sterilization room and a resuscitation unit, as well as reception and patient monitoring rooms. wounded.

Tents, oxygen boxes, generators, beds, blankets, medicines or even kitchen and bathroom equipment are also part of the equipment transported, adds LCI.

Earthquake in Turkey : The hospital will be set up in the Adiyaman region

In a press release, the Gard firefighters explained that it was intended to be “autonomous for a minimum of 15 days” and to “provide, in addition to other lighter care, 10 to 15 surgical procedures per day”. LCI specifies for its part that the hospital will be able to accommodate 100 people per day.

A reconnaissance mission left Marseille on Wednesday, with the task in particular of determining the location of this hospital, and known as the “Rapid Civil Security Element for Medical Intervention”, or “Escrim” for short. .

On Sunday, “87 rescuers, firefighters and firefighters from Escrim (…) left for the Adiyaman region in Turkey (south)”, an area badly affected by the disaster, said Sunday Civil Security on its Twitter account. The field hospital will be set up in this region.

It is within the framework of aid to Turkey decided by the European Union that the French civil security department, which depends on the Ministry of the Interior, has decided to send this hospital which, “for historical” is “stored” in this department in the south of France, in Nîmes, told AFP the communication manager of the Gard firefighters, Lieutenant-Colonel Éric Agrinier.

Escrim’s last deployments date back to the Covid-19 pandemic, where it was hired in Guyana in June 2020, then in Mayotte in January 2021, to support local hospital structures.


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