Regarding Turkey and especially Istanbul, it is necessary to open a separate page for hair transplantation. Mybodymoon, which is one of the leading hair transplantation centers in Turkey actively operating in Istanbul, is one of the centers that offers personalized treatment and protocols for its patients in hair transplant procedures. Regarding Hair Transplant in Turkey, one of the topics that we can consider as an advantage is applying personalized treatment and finding patient-specific solutions for each case and this is something that only good and experienced hair transplant specialists can do.

Specialized hair transplant teams are one of the main factors when we list the advantages of having a hair transplant in Turkey. Hair transplant procedures performed with expert staff can be completed with great satisfaction both in terms of process and in terms of hair transplant centers, thus hair transplant centers can add new successes to their success . Regarding the advantages of having a hair transplant in Turkey, another advantage that we can count is that the prices for hair transplants are much more economical in Turkey than in other countries.

When considering the airport transfers, hotel stays and even city trips provided to the patients, the mentioned prices for Hair Transplant Turkey are almost 1/5 more economical and cheaper, especially when compared to the European countries.

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the visualization is seen very clearly and the change in the patients can be clearly noticed. Therefore, when it comes to hair transplant applications, regardless of the technique used or the number of transplanted grafts, these are the procedures that should be photographed. When deciding on hair transplant requests, reviewing past cases from the center you have chosen can give you an idea of the quality of the procedure performed.


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