In Istanbul (Turkey), Sabiha Gökçen airport now connected by metro.

This is long-awaited news that will delight regulars at Istanbul’s Asian airport (Sabiha Gökçen). Indeed, this Sunday, October 2, the metro line was inaugurated which connects Sabiha Gökçen airport to Kadiköy. As a reminder, the airport recorded an attendance rate of more than 16 million travelers in July 2022.

From Tavşantepe (until then terminus of the M4 line, which connects Kadiköy), 4 new metro stations were put into service on October 2: Fevzi Çakmak (hospital), Yayalar-Şeyhli, Kurtköy and finally the airport of Sabiha Gokcen. This over a distance of 7.4 km, and with a daily capacity of 1.2 million passengers.

With this new section (of which the M10 part will be connected to the Pendik station of Marmaray), travelers can now, from Sabiha Gökçen airport, reach Kadiköy (center of the Asian side) in about 50 minutes.

On the European side, the Bakırköy-Bahçelievler-Güngoren-Kirazlı metro line was also put into circulation this Sunday, October 2.

New metro lines under construction

In order to reduce road congestion, a real challenge for the Istanbul metropolis, more than 100 kilometers of metro lines are currently under construction.

On the European side, the new line that will connect Istanbul airport from Gayrettepe (via Kağıthane-Eyüp) has been awaited for months; it should be commissioned in late 2022-early 2023. Another line will connect Başakşehir to Kayaşehir via Çam ve Sakura Hospital, and another, Kazlıçeşme (Zeytinburnu) to Sirkeci.

In addition, on the Asian side, a metro is under construction to connect Altunizade to the Çamlıca mosque in particular.

Find the map of the current lines, as well as those under construction by clicking HERE.


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