Turkey is the must to be place for hair transplant. Our hair, which is among the only complements to our appearance, not only affects our expression but also affects our physical and spiritual states with the changes they undergo over time. With hair transplantation, which is one of the most performed procedures in the world, we can leave behind thinning and even baldness in our hair over time. Although it is widely practiced today, unfortunately, the fact that there are few centers where hair transplantation is performed in a high quality and correct manner, has unfortunately become a big problem for candidates who wish to undergo a Hair Transplant.

How to determine the right hair transplant center ? Where Should Hair Transplant Be Performed? Where is the best hair transplant center in Turkey? Mybodymoon is almost the only and good option for hair transplant candidates who struggle with many questions such as the benefits of a hair transplant in Turkey.

It is an undeniable fact that the number of hair transplant procedures has increased in Turkey and thousands of hair transplant patients from all over the world have flocked to Turkey. In Turkey, where hair transplant procedures are becoming more and more popular with every passing day, clinics like Mybodymoon, which are proficient in their field and have specialized in hair transplantation for many years, keep up with the latest technology in hair transplant applications and offer the best service to their patients in the most comfortable and effective application packages.

There are undoubtedly many advantages to having a hair transplant in Turkey. Before we start counting these benefits, it is worth talking about the most common hair transplant techniques in Turkey. Today’s popular app is the FUE app. In addition to achieving smiling results in hair transplants performed with FUE, SAPHIR FUE, which is a further development of FUE technique, is increasing its popularity every day in hair transplant.

SAPHIR FUE, which is one of the techniques where natural looking hair is possible when applied correctly with personalized planning after the right selection of the patient, provides maximum comfort to the patients during the incision thanks to its special sapphire heads. The SAPHIR FUE technique, which offers a hair transplant experience in which patients recover in a much shorter and faster time thanks to the clean and minimal incisions made, is one of the first techniques that comes to mind when is about hair transplant.


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