The Turkish brand Togg unveils at the CES in Las Vegas 2022, its brand new concept car created by designer Murat Günak. It is an electric sedan whose marketing is scheduled for 2024.

The Turkish automobile brand Togg for Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu, claims via its boss Gürcan Karakas as “a mobility technology company”. In this vision, it is therefore at the CES new technologies show in Las Vegas that the brand decided to unveil its new concept car called Transition. As a reminder, Togg had already unveiled an SUV and a sedan two years ago which at the time were sponsored by Turkish President Erdogan in person.

The new Togg that we discover at the CES show is a large electric hatchback sedan with antagonistic doors designed by Turkish designer Murat Günak. The latter is well known in the West where we owe him the first Mercedes C-Class, the Volkswagen Golf 5 and the Peugeot 206 CC. The new concept of Togg adopts lines close to a production version, without the antagonistic doors, unlike the passenger compartment which is equipped with several digital screens.

Under the hood, we do not know the technical details of the concept but we know that the engine power is 240 hp. This model will arrive in a production version in 2024, after the launch of the brand’s first two models in 2023.

Turkish brand Togg chooses Farasis for its batteries

Turkey’s leading manufacturer of electric cars, Togg has just concluded an agreement with the Chinese battery manufacturer Farasis.

Coming out of nowhere just a year ago, the Togg brand unveiled two brand new electric cars. If the Turkish manufacturer has since left the scene, it returns by announcing a partnership with the Chinese company Farasis.

The cooperation was confirmed by Sebastian Wolf, the boss of the European branch of Farasis. The Chinese manufacturer will thus supply the lithium-ion cells which will equip the batteries of the next Togg. These elements will be produced in Germany, at the Bitterfeld-Wolfen plant.


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