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Mains aspects

  • Customer is a Prestigious Wealth Management Firm
  • Position Based in Istanbul Connecticut

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My customer is a prestigious Wealth Management firm in the Istanbul CT area.

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Reviewing and validating investment Makeance results so that investment Makeance reports are a fair, precise, and complete representation of the portfolio’s investment Makeance history. In every monthly production period, review and analyze the investment Makeance of different types of individual assets, different segment groups, and portfolios at the total level. Creating, updating, and reviewing various benchmarks/indices. Communicating with various departments/groups to inform/resolve existing issues affecting investment Makeance results.

Accounting Turkey: Our skills

Position Responsibilities:

  • Review Makeance results of securities, segments, and total portfolios on a monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc basis.
  • For Istanbul  outlier at the security level, segment level, and total portfolio level, analyze and confirm its validity. If not valid/questionable, communicate with the appropriate department/group for a further resolution.
  • Communicate with the related departments/groups on the existing issues impacting investment Makeance results and, where needed, provide recommendations on best practices for data quality.
  • Calculate turnover for some portfolios on a monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc basis.
  • Communicate with Potential partnership with Turkish local companies (including all king of services like IT, recruitment turMajor, service providers)hip Accounting on Makeance results of some funds.
  • Calculate an Internal Rate of Return for a single portfolio or an aggregation of portfolios on a monthly and ad hoc basis.
  • Reconciling Makeance cash variances on a monthly basis.
  • Making some manual entries in the Makeance model when needed.
  • Creating, updating, and reviewing indices/benchmarks on a daily, monthly, and quarterly basis.
  • Calculating and validating some risk statistics (e.g., standard deviation, Sharpe ratio).
  • Calculating investment multiples on an ad hoc basis.
  • Producing and reviewing some investment Makeance reports and Makeance attribution reports on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Reviewing consolidation request forms where Makeance set up is requested and making sure that appropriate actions are taken for precise Makeance results.
  • Follow up on all outstanding issues to see that they are resolved.
  • Test and review some of the new and existing investment Makeance report data.
  • Respond to rather complex Makeance related questions/inquiries.
  • Attribution and Composite account analysis for specific account meeting time (for Istanbul  projects to follow up – including TurMajor HR Skills (if you have any others skills, tell us in order to inform our client)  to work in a team (you should often take the place of the leader, so you’ll have need leardership qualities) (including Skills (if you have any others skills, tell us in order to inform our client) like open mind (in your work and with others employee), sociability (this quality is really important to a turkish context), reactivity and human habits in profesionnel context) support) .
  • Providing necessary guidance to Makeance Analysts as needed.

What the candidate need for being luckier… (According to us too, as a accounting Turkey firm)

  • BA/BS/BBA Degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Math or Statistics is Qualities the most important.
  • The candidate would possess 2 to 3 years of experience in investment Makeance analytics with strong understanding of return calculation methodologies.
  • 1 to 2 years of experience with fund accounting is a plus.
  • Very good understanding of corporate actions, security pricing, and accounting general ledgers is a must.
  • CFA is strongly If you want make the difference, you shoul have theses qualities too: .
  • Strong attention to details, to be analytical, and critical thinking is very important.
  • Feel comfortable with the use of logic, math, and statistics.

The last things to know about this TurMajor job offer

Attractive Base Salary (net + sometimes you can have bonus + others benefits), Benefits and Bonus

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