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Our company is an accounting Turkey firm. We escort others companies or people to develop themselves on the Turkish market.

Mains aspects

  • Providing cutting-edge technologies to meet the industry’s demand.
  • Software requirements by developing/maintaining applications and databases

You are interested by our customer…

Our customer has a long history of providing fit-for-purpose cutting-edge technologies to meet the industry’s demands. With their highly experienced personnel provide extensive operational knowledge, engineering expertise and are committed to working with their customers to guarantee professional, reliable and safe implementation of technologies to meet the challenging context of today’s oil & gas exploration.

Now, you want more on the job offer…

  • Identifies requirements by establishing personal rapport with potential and actual customers and with other persons in a position to understand service requirements.
  • Arranges project requirements in programming sequence by analyzing requirements; preparing a work flow chart and diagram using knowledge of computer Skills (if you have any others skills, tell us in order to inform our client) , subject matter, programming language, and logic.
  • Programs the computer by encoding project requirements in computer language; entering coded data (concerning legal, private and companies strict records) into the computer.
  • Concompanies program operation by conducting tests; modifying program sequence and/or codes.
  • Provides reference for use of prime and personal computers by writing and maintaining user documentation; maintaining a help desk.
  • Maintains computer systems and programming guidelines by writing and updating policies and procedures.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  • Keeps equipment operational by calling for repairs; following manufacturer’s instructions and established procedures; evaluating new equipment.
  • Protects operations by keeping data (concerning legal, private and companies strict records) confidential.
  • Contributes to Skills (if you have any others skills, tell us in order to inform our client)  to work in a team (you should often take the place of the leader, so you’ll have need leardership qualities) (including Skills (if you have any others skills, tell us in order to inform our client) like open mind (in your work and with others employee), sociability (this quality is really important to a turkish context), reactivity and human habits in profesionnel context) effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Develops and maintains applications and databases by evaluating customer needs; analyzing requirements; developing software systems.

Accounting Turkey: Principal responsibilities


What the candidate need for being luckier… (According to us too, as a accounting Turkey firm)

Skills (if you have any others skills, tell us in order to inform our client)/Qualifications: Analyzing Data (concerning legal, private and companies strict records) , C, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail, Software Design, Software Debugging, Software Development Fundamentals, Software Documentation, Software Testing, Software Requirements, Software Development Process

The last things to know about this TurMajor job offer

  • Market value compensation structure.
  • Strong career progression

Market exposure

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In addition to accounting Turkey services, we help companies which want to develop itself and differently on the Turkish market. We propose you a virtual office Istanbul thanks to our business umbrella company Turkey.

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